Smoking, schmoking - why March is the month to quit for good

Research shows that the first step on the path to giving up smoking for good is to pick a quit date [link:] - so if you’ve been thinking of quitting, how about 14 March 2018 - it’s National No Smoking Day! With extra news coverage on the subject, support networks on social media and an awareness boost from local health services, it’s the perfect opportunity to take that critical first step - and Rhiwbina Dental will be fully behind you.

While the effects of smoking on the heart and lungs are well documented, awareness about its impact on oral health is lagging. Smoking is seriously harmful to mouths, teeth and gums - so let us enlighten you before you light up…    

1 Staining
When you smoke (or chew tobacco), tar and nicotine bind to your tooth enamel, causing yellow staining. Smoking reduces blood flow and saliva to the mouth, which creates the perfect environment for plaque to build up, and the plaque stains too, making teeth look even darker. The only way to rid yourself of that yellow-brown smile is to give up smoking -then you can have a professional whitening treatment [ link to:] to get your teeth sparkling once again.  

2 Bad breath
The smell of a cigarette can hang around you for hours afterwards, thanks to the carcinogenic cocktail that’s released into your mouth when you smoke. Inhaling all that hot smoke also parches the mouth - and with less saliva around to neutralise all those chemicals, you’re creating a happy place for bad-breath bacteria to thrive. As well as supporting you in giving up smoking for good, the hygiene team [link:] at Rhiwbina Dental can recommend products and techniques to help with bad breath.

3 Gum disease
Smokers often find that their gums start bleeding after they’ve given up. Why? It’s all about the nicotine, which reduces blood flow to the mouth, masking the early signs of disease, i.e. bleeding gums. When you quit, normal blood flow is restored and the true extent of your gum problems are revealed. And it’s not just cigarettes that are the problem - ANY nicotine, including gum, chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes, have this effect on gums. If you’re giving up smoking this month, we’d recommend booking yourself in for a dental check-up and hygiene appointment so we can monitor the state of your gums and provide treatment and advice to help you stay on track.

4 Oral cancer
Everyone knows that smoking causes lung cancer, but did you know it’s responsible for three out of every four cases of mouth cancer? The risk of oral cancer seems to have flown under the radar - but its side effects are anything but subtle, sometimes leading to an inability to speak or swallow. Many people often think that vaping or chewing tobacco are ‘safer’ than cigarettes because they don’t bother the lungs - but the nicotine and chemicals they contain do affect the mouth. At Rhiwbina Dental, we routinely screen our patients for oral cancer - but by far the best thing you can do to prevent it is to stop smoking. We’re here to help, not to judge, so book an appointment today to take that first crucial step in quitting smoking for good!

This year’s National No Smoking Day is on 14 March 2018. For help and advice with quitting smoking, book a hygiene appointment at Rhiwbina Dental on
029 2062 6551.  

Spring into action in time for Mother’s Day with 20% off!

We love a seasonal blog post here at Rhiwbina Dental – because when the weather starts to change, we start thinking about the changes we can make for ourselves too. From fresh wardrobe updates to zingy new-season cooking, we’re all starting to make a conscious shift away from winter. With the days getting longer and warmer, and Mother’s Day just around the corner, there’s never a better time to consider a transformative experience with us. Whether you want to indulge yourself, your Mum (or do it together!), we’re pre-empting the segue into spring with 20% off our most popular treatments!

20% off teeth whitening at Rhiwbina Dental

If you’ve been wanting to sort out your stained smile for some time, perhaps this special offer will give you the push you need to make a lasting change. Get ready to sparkle through spring, summer and beyond with our safe, professional whitening treatments.

How it works:

1. Consultation
A whitening consultation is key to enjoying a safe, painless treatment that gets the results you really want. We’ll examine your mouth, teeth and gums thoroughly and ask lots of questions about your oral health. If you’re a suitable candidate for whitening, we’ll take your dental impressions, which will be used to create custom whitening trays for you.

2. Treatment
We offer a choice of whitening options at Rhiwbina Dental, from an express treatment that we carry out at the surgery to a home treatment that usually takes around two weeks. Your dentist will advise which is best for you. The benefit of having custom whitening trays means you can top up your treatment whenever you need to in the future.

3. Monitoring & aftercare
We’ll monitor your progress and adjust your whitening prescription if required. After treatment, we’ll make sure you’re happy with the results and advise you on how you can keep your new smile whiter for longer.

Ready to transform your smile for spring? Call us today to book your whitening consultation and enjoy 20% off the treatment price.

20% off facial aesthetics at Rhiwbina Dental

Tired of the fatigue that seems to linger on your face? Here at Rhiwbina we offer advanced injectable facial treatments that wipe the stress away, leaving complexions looking plumped and revitalised. As dentists, we have both the in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and the aesthetic eye required for cosmetic treatments – so we’re especially well suited to carrying out facial injections. Safe, science backed and minimally invasive, there’s no better solution for lifting your look with a spring refresh.

How Rhiwbina can revitalise your look

Botulinum toxin
Botulinum toxin is the generic ingredient used by the Botox brand. It works by temporarily freezing the muscles underneath your skin – so it’s ideal for smoothing out deep expression lines on the forehead and around the eyes. Completely safe and backed by decades of scientific research, botulinum toxin treatment generally lasts for up to six months. With repeated treatments, you’ll not only smooth out the areas that currently bother you, but you’ll mitigate against the formation of future lines and wrinkles too.

Dermal fillers
As we age, our skin naturally loses its plump appearance as collagen production starts to decline. Dermal fillers restore that lost volume, giving the complexion a renewed, youthful vitality. With dermal fillers, the facial aesthetics team at Rhiwbina Dental can create the subtle changes that make a huge difference – gently plumping the lips and cheeks, filling out the deep lines between the nose and mouth, and also sculpting cheekbones, the nose and the chin.

Want to hit refresh this spring? Book your anti-ageing consultation at Rhiwbina Dental – call us today on 029 2062 6551!

This Valentine's Day, Will You Pucker or Pout?

The 14th of February is a day that has us, as a nation, almost as deeply divided as Marmite. We either love it or we hate it - and our feelings are generally dictated by whether or not we have a special person to share it with. Here at Rhiwbina Dental, we don’t judge, but we do think that we can help you, whichever side of the divide you fall on!

Pucker up!

Do you have a Valentine this year? Follow our three simple steps to making sure your smile is kiss-worthy:

  • Deep clean
    A visit with one of our hygienists is more than just a dental treatment - it’s a Valentine’s treatment. Why? Because removing the build-up of plaque and tartar from your teeth will brighten your smile and also help rid your mouth of the bacteria that causes bad breath (halitosis). Whether your ideal romantic evening consists of dancing a tango or cuddling in front of a fire, make sure your breath doesn’t act like a wet blanket!
  • Teeth whitening
    Half the fun of having a special someone is boasting about your bliss on social media, right? So make sure you’re ready for those smug snaps with a professional teeth-whitening treatment. Dentist-prescribed teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to get your teeth dramatically whiter than they’ve ever been. With convenient options to choose from, including in-surgery or at-home whitening, you’re sure to find one that suits you and gets your smile selfie-ready in time for V-Day.
  • A facial refresh
    The stresses of daily life take their toll on the best of us, but who wants to look drawn and weary when romance comes to call? Our botulinum toxin and dermal filler treatments are straightforward and quick to carry out, requiring little to no downtime, making them ideal for anyone who wants to achieve a quick yet subtle lift that will have your special someone remarking how well you look, without guessing why.

Prefer to pout?

If you’re sitting this one out, we’ll leave you to it, but not before reminding you that, should you ever change your mind about romance, the following treatments might help boost your confidence to ‘get back out there’:

  • Porcelain veneers
    Often likened to false fingernails for your teeth, porcelain veneers can cover a multitude of minor imperfections, such as cracks, stains, gaps and misalignment. Because they fit on the fronts of your teeth, with minimal preparation required, they are often an effective way to makeover your smile - for Mr/Ms Wonderful or just for yourself!
  • Dental implants
    If you’re missing one or more teeth, chances are you’re not eating, speaking or smiling the way you used to. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants restores your lifestyle and, with it, your sense of self-worth. Thought you couldn’t implant confidence? Think again!
  • Invisible braces
    If you’ve been 'making do’ with a crooked smile for years, possibly even covering your mouth when you speak or laugh, then why not finally do something about it? They say the single most attractive thing about a person is a confident smile, so get yours straightened out with invisible and convenient adult orthodontics. You’ll never regret it.

To learn more about any of our smile-enhancing treatments in the lead up to Valentine’s Day (or any time of year), call us on 029 2062 6551.

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