What does January mean to you?


The New Year is under way, but there are still a lot of dark winter days to get through – which makes January the perfect month to give yourself the time to look back on last year and consider your priorities for the months ahead. And there’s no greater priority than your own wellbeing – something we at Rhiwbina Dental can help with. 

Time to reflect
Did 2017 go completely as planned? Chances are a few curve balls were thrown your way, and they may have led to stress, tiredness, anxiety and other health issues. Redress the balance this year by taking control of your health. And believe it or not, good health begins with good dental health. 

There’s a proven link between oral health and general health, with studies showing a connection between poor oral hygiene and conditions such as heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and some cancers. There’s still much more research to be done – but in the meantime, we should all be focusing on getting our mouths, teeth and gums in top condition. 

3 ways to get on top of your dental health:

  • Brush for two minutes, twice a day, and floss once daily
  • Don’t miss your dental check-ups – they’re key to eliminating the little problems before they grow into something much harder to manage
  • Schedule your hygiene appointments – a regular scale and polish will control plaque and tartar, and leave you with a confidence-boosting smile. Your hygienist can also help with new challenges such as Dry January, stopping smoking and healthy eating.

Time to change
If you’re challenging yourself this year – perhaps with a health kick, learning a new skill or simply sticking to a regime that promotes a healthier lifestyle – you might find the journey whole lot easier if there’s a reward at the end of it. Instead of treating yourself with the very vice you’ve successfully given up, why not think about giving yourself a treat with long-term benefits? 

3 alternative ways to reward yourself:

  • Dental implants. Permanently replace missing teeth with an option that lets you eat and speak with total confidence, prevents facial sagging and boosts quality of life. 
  • Teeth whitening. If you’ve given up the booze and cut back on sugar this January, professional whitening to remove the evidence of past bad habits is the ultimate reward – and your new healthy regime will help keep that new sparkle for longer.
  • Adult braces. It’s never too late to fix a crooked smile – and with the new generation of discreet systems that work super-fast, you really can get a smile to be proud of this year. 

Don’t forget, at Rhiwbina we offer 0% finance on many of our treatments, so they’re something you can consider even this soon after Christmas! Get in touch with us today and together we can make 2018 a year of good health and wellbeing.