5 surprising benefits of smiling

Put on a happy face – it’s National Smile Month! The brainchild of the British Oral Health Foundation, National Smile Month runs from 14th May to 14th June this year –and we’re joining in!

National Smile Month aims to raise awareness about good oral health and focuses on three essential messages: brushing twice a day; reducing sugar consumption; and regular dental visits. As a Rhiwbina Dental patient, you’ll already be on board with great oral hygiene (if you’re not, we promise you’ll hear about it from us!) – but National Smile Month has also got us thinking about smiling in general. What does smiling actually achieve?

Reduce stress
Research published in the journal Psychological Science monitored participants’ heart rates during a task. Those who smiled naturally throughout their task tended to have a lower heart rate, which recovered more quickly after the activity, than those who weren’t smiling naturally.

Boost your mood
The act of smiling spurs a powerful chemical reaction in the brain that releases the happiness hormones dopamine and serotonin. Scientists think that even a forced smile has the potential to trick the brain into making you feel good – so fake it till you make it!

Spread positivity
Just like yawning, smiling is proven to be contagious! The majority of us are hardwired to mimic other people’s facial expressions in social situations, and we often do this unconsciously. So if you walk into a room smiling, the room will smile back, creating a cycle of positivity!

Improve your health
The endorphin release associated with smiling has the added benefit of lowering your blood pressure and reducing your perception of pain. Meanwhile, serotonin reduces stress levels – so a smile effectively stimulates a chemical cocktail of natural health boosters that strengthen your immune system and keep depression at bay.

Change the way you’re perceived
Smiling has variously been proven to make you look younger (a natural facelift), more trustworthy and more successful, as well as inspiring more confidence in your abilities. Get into the habit of smiling more often, and you could well find new doors opening in your career and relationships.  

If you actively avoid smiling because you’re not happy with your smile, you could be denying yourself a host of health benefits. Talk to the team at Rhiwbina Dental to find out how we can help create a smile to be proud of – dental implants, veneers, teeth whitening and discreet teeth straightening solutions are all options we can discuss! And who knows, perhaps National Smile Month will be the perfect time to discover just how happy your smile can make you!

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