Busting the myths about teeth whitening

With the summer months stretching ahead, it’s likely you’ll have plenty of occasions lined up that may have got you thinking about getting your teeth whitened. After all, what better way to look your best at that wedding, summer party or obligatory BBQ than with a bright, white smile?

But google ‘teeth whitening’ and you’ll find many, many options to scroll through – about 2.7 million in fact! Prices and products vary wildly – so we’ve decided to bust the myths right here so you know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for.

Myth 1: Whitening will damage your teeth
Teeth whitening is safe – but only if it is carried out by a professional who is registered with the General Dental Council. What’s more, this is the only way you can legally access the prescription-strength bleaching gel required to get the results you want without any risk of harm to your teeth or gums. At Rhiwbina Dental, we’ll carry out a thorough examination to make sure you’re dentally fit enough for teeth whitening, and we’ll monitor your progress during and after your treatment – so there’s no danger of compromising your smile.

Myth 2: Whitening can go too far
Few patients want to go mega-watt-white – Ross from Friends, Simon Cowell and the entire cast of TOWIE have a lot to answer for when it comes to stoking our fears about OTT whitening! But rest assured that if you choose to have your teeth whitened via your dentist, it’s a gradual, monitored process that gives predictable results. At Rhiwbina Dental, we offer both in-surgery and home whitening, and we’ll recommend the strength of whitening gel and type of treatment that are best for you. We promise you won’t experience the ‘Ross effect’ unless you actually want your teeth to look that way!

Myth 3: Charcoal toothpaste is as effective as bleaching
Charcoal toothpaste has such a huge presence on Instagram, it’s already becoming a cliché. But its pretty packaging, #spon posts by influencers and positioning as a ‘natural’ whitening option are nonetheless compelling. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that active charcoal does any more for your teeth than remove regular surface stains – plus, it doesn’t contain fluoride, so using it potentially increases your risk of tooth decay. Professional teeth whitening, using prescription bleaching gel, is the only way you can physically whiten your teeth beyond their natural hue and get the shade you really want.

Myth 4: whitening will last for ever
Not true – sadly! Professional teeth whitening creates a dramatic transformation that can last for up to three years – but eventually, your food, drink and lifestyle will begin to leave their mark again. The best way to keep those pearlies permanently white is to be mindful about what you’re eating and drinking (definitely consider using a straw more often!), don’t smoke, and follow a great oral hygiene routine. Combine this with periodic ‘top-up’ treatments using your custom-made whitening trays and you’ll be able to maintain your beautiful smile in the long term.

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