What is the floss, and why is everyone doing it?!

If you’re on Instagram or you have children, the chances are you’ve heard of the floss. The dance craze of the moment, it basically involves swinging your hips while moving your arms in front and behind. Get the coordination right and the move looks uncannily similar to a flossing session in front of the mirror. So why is everyone doing it?

The floss has actually been around for a while (in internet terms anyway) – it was invented in 2016 by an American teenage Instagram star called the Backpack Kid. His real name is Russell Horning and he has 1.7 million followers, all captivated by his signature dance moves, executed wearing a backpack and a deadpan expression. This summer, the floss looks set to reach its global peak – literally everyone is doing it, in playgrounds and football stadiums, on the news and on chat shows. It even inspired the Czech Republic’s Eurovision performance!

And while the floss is likely to have been long forgotten by next summer, it’s one bandwagon we’re happy to jump on here at Rhiwbina Dental!

Let the floss inspire you to…

…brush for two minutes, twice a day. This is the most important thing you can do to keep plaque at bay. Plaque is a biofilm of bacteria that continually forms around the gum line, which will attack enamel and gums if not brushed away regularly. Two minutes is the proven time you need to remove plaque effectively.

…floss at least once a day. If you only brush, you’re potentially missing 40 percent of your teeth, leaving food behind that will cause staining, tooth decay, bad breath and gum problems, as well as allowing all that plaque to harden into tartar, which exacerbates those problems and can only be removed by a professional.

…schedule your hygiene appointment. Regular hygiene appointments are crucial to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, fresh breath and a stain-free smile. You don’t need to see the dentist beforehand but can book directly with your hygienist, who will carry out a professional deep-clean and offer the latest tips and techniques for keeping your smile healthy at home.

Be inspired by the floss! Call us today on 029 2062 6551 to book your direct-access hygiene appointment at Rhiwbina Dental.