It’s a summer of sport!

Whether you’re an armchair fan, an active participant or a sucker for the social side of spectator sports, July 2018 has something for everyone. And it’s got us dentists thinking too…

You say: “It’s the World Cup Final on 15 July!”
We say: Have you thought about a sports guard?
Watching the world’s greatest players duck and dive on the pitch is one thing, but if you’re replicating their moves yourself, you’ll need a decent mouth guard. Here at Rhiwbina Dental, we’ll craft a bespoke sports guard for you – far superior to the boil-and-go version you can buy in the chemist. It’s a cost-effective solution to the kinds of injury that can run into thousands (don’t forget, knocked-out front teeth aren’t covered on the NHS!).

You say: “Can’t wait to see Serena and Rapha at Wimbledon!”
We say: “Go easy on the strawberries and Pimm’s!”
There’s no better excuse to get stuck into a jug of Pimm’s and a punnet of strawberries than when Wimbledon rolls around each summer. But did you know that the combination of fruit, liqueur and lemonade wreaks havoc on your teeth? Both Pimm’s and lemonade are packed with sugar, and the fruit adds a lovely hit of acid to the mix. The result? Erosion – which in turn causes teeth to yellow. While we can fix the staining with a professional teeth whitening treatment, you can maintain your smile by opting for lower-sugar lemonade (brands like 7UP and Sprite contain almost three times as much sugar as supermarket bottles).

You say: “Who’s going to take a tumble in the Tour de France?”
We say: “Look! It’s sponsored by a water brand!”

Unlike most official sports sponsors (cigarette brands and junk food anyone?), the Tour de France has found a rather wholesome sponsor in Vittel. And it’s a great reminder of all the benefits drinking water brings – especially in warmer weather. Substituting fruit juices and alcohol with water more often will do wonders not only for your skin and body, but your teeth too – water washes away food that sticks to your teeth and causes plaque, and keeps your mouth feeling fresh.

You say: “Nothing beats the adrenaline buzz of the Grand Prix!”
We say: “Step away from those energy drinks!”

Energy drinks have a huge presence in motor racing – their branding sits well with the fast pace of petrol-head season. But energy drinks are wolves in sheep’s clothing when it comes to oral health – their spurious claims to enhance performance have seen them aligned with sports, yet they are actually extremely unhealthy. Some cans are packed more sugar than you’re meant to consume in a whole day – up to 20 teaspoons!