How to Hang on to Your Healthy Holiday Glow


September. It comes as a seasonal full stop to put an end to a summer spent enjoying carefree days in the sun and long evenings outdoors. Chances are, you were too busy having fun to snack between meals or eat much junk food – not to mention the natural cravings one gets in summer for salads and fresh fruit. All that healthy living shows – you feel and look better. So the return to the daily grind can feel soul-destroying in more ways than one. But it needn’t be – take some pages from your August diary and turn your daily dietary regimen into an endless summer of sorts. Your health – including your teeth – will be the better for it.

Savour seasonal salads
Salads don’t have to stop just because summer does. Each season offers a different bounty, and you can make a healthy salad out of just about any fresh fruits or vegetables. Give your salads pride of place at your meals rather than relegating them to the role of side dish. Not only are salads full of fibre and vitamins, but they’re generally low in fat and sugars.

Stop snacking
This can be a tough one, for example if you work at a desk, where boredom sets in and it’s all too easy to keep a naughty chocolate bar or pack of crisps to hand. But constant snacking is terrible for your waistline – especially if you have a sedentary job – and it wreaks havoc on your teeth, as they’re under non-stop attack from the acids in your food. Eating well-rounded, healthy, yet filling, meals helps, but if you need a snack, try a piece of hard cheese or a celery stick.

Linger longer at lunch
Bring back those relaxed summer meals and you’ll eat less – as you savour each bite more, you give your stomach time to register that it’s full. You’ll also be less likely to snack later on, especially as you’ll have another enjoyable meal to look forward to later. And, as mentioned above, less snacking means healthier teeth.

One thing you do all summer long, without even thinking about it, is drink plenty of water. It’s possibly the number one reason you’re feeling and looking so fit come September. Water does wonders for your body, your brain and your skin – and choosing H2O instead of sparkling drinks or fruit juices is a win for your dental health too!

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