Stop Cancer Sooner

Your dental health is closely linked to your general health and conditions that affect one will likely impact the other. For this reason, we at Rhiwbina are concerned with helping to raise awareness of not just oral cancers, but the whole range of cancers that can affect our patients.

World Cancer Day 2018 is all about stopping cancer sooner. This can be achieved in two ways: by funding research to help prevent and cure cancers sooner and also by raising awareness to help detect cancers sooner.

Fund research

Almost all of us know someone who’s battled cancer - some are still with us and some, sadly are not. One in three of us will be touched by the disease, so funding cancer research is something that you or someone you love will likely benefit from in your lifetime. With that in mind, why not wear a Unity Band to show your support? Your £2 donation goes towards funding the important work researchers do into developing new early detection methods and better treatments.

New discoveries are happening every day, but they often raise more questions and we’re still a long way off from the ever-elusive vaccine or cure.

Raise awareness

The other thing about fundraising is that whatever you do, whether it’s simply wearing a Unity Band or going all out and running a marathon, you’re bound to get people thinking about cancer along the way. Awareness is important because it helps with fundraising, but also because the more people know about the early signs of cancer, the more likely they are to get checked and catch it early. And early detection is key to maximising survival rates. Finally, increasing awareness is enormously helpful to those battling cancer, as it makes us all more sensitive to the kinds of issues and struggles they face.

If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to contact us on 029 2062 6551. And remember, we offer FREE mouth cancer screening as part of every dental check-up, so make sure you attend regularly. In fact, why not book your next appointment now?