At Rhiwbina Dental, although we have a great deal of experience with restorative treatments such as dental implants, we strongly believe in a preventive approach towards dentistry. Regular dental checkups and hygienist appointments will ensure that your long term oral health is maintained and any potential issues are revealed early enough so that only minimal intervention will be necessary.

Regular dental examinations and hygiene appointments give dental professionals an opportunity to review not only your teeth and gums, but also your general overall health and the condition of the soft tissues in and around your mouth. We have invested in the very best of dental equipment allowing us to utilise digital X-rays to accurately detect decay or signs of infection as early as possible.


Our dental hygienists are an important part of the team at Rhiwbina Dental and work together with your dentist to ensure your care is tailored to your needs. They are fully trained to help you achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums through professional cleaning and plaque removal to prevent any future problems arising.

Regular hygiene visits combined with caring properly for your teeth and gums at home will help you maintain the best of oral health.

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